Sunday, June 23rd at 6:30pm

Join Jasmine and Wendy for a weaving of body mapping practices with kundalini breath work and movements. Jasmine will introduce three herbs that work with our solar plexus, heart and crown chakras. Through a series of meditations and supportive kriyas lead by Wendy, we’ll sense how each plant interacts with our body and map our layered experiences of each, grounding them in our conscious awareness. This practice broadens and sharpens one’s embodied senses and discernment for wise guidance in increasingly turbulent times. Jasmine shares these plant meditations as a facet of her healing work, based upon the belief of Emergent Strategy which holds that existence is fractal and every small action we take towards healing ourselves is  reflected in the collective healing of humanity, Earth and beyond.
Please bring a mug for tea, cushion or blanket to sit on, and a journal if you like – though paper and supplies will be provided for the mapping portion.
$20 per person – only 15 spaces available!

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