What the heck is The Rolfing Method? - Bend Hot Yoga A Wellness Center | Yoga Bend Oregon

Join us for an in depth demo on Rolfing/Structural Integration with
Manny Aragon And Bradon Planty on
Sunday, Oct 20th at 11:30am.

Structural Integration Works!

Structural Integration is a fantastic compliment for:
• Yogis
• Endurance Athletes
• Dancers
• Movement Professionals
• Strength Trainers
• Bodyworkers

 Healers Benefits Include Improved
• Posture
• Grace
• Body control
• Body awareness
• Spatial awareness
• Balance

Many Clients Report:
• Elimination of chronic pain
• Improved athletic performance
• Resolution of chronic injury
• Better Sleep
• Faster athletic recovery
• Reduced re-injury rate
• Feeling more at peace in their bodies

Overview of Demonstration:
• Brief explanation of Structural Integration
• Body reading with live model
• Structural Integration demonstration
• Body reading to assess changes

Question and answer time Host Bios: Bend locals Braden Planty and Manny Aragon each have over 20 years of practice and studied with direct students of Dr. Ida Rolf at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, CO. Their respective practices in Bend can be found at: alignbic.com (Braden) and therolfworkshop.com (Manny).