MORE POWER VINYASA CLASS THIS MONTH WITH DAVE PORTER! - Bend Hot Yoga A Wellness Center | Yoga Bend Oregon

Tuesday, December 17th at 4:00pm


Sunday, December the 22nd at 11:00!

Dave has led countless trainings, teaching since 2001 starting with Bikram Yoga – The Original 26 and 2. His interests grew into Baptiste Yoga and now his main focus is teaching Power Vinyasa Yoga. Dave is the co-founder of CorePower Yoga. In 2010, he and his wife Lauren decided to head back to his home, Cape Town, South Africa, where they started a studio, YogaLife. They decided to take a break from studio ownership and move back to the states with their 2 year old daughter Pepper. They are on an extended visit to Bend and we are so fortunate to have him share his extensive yoga knowledge at Bend Hot Yoga!

What can you expect from Dave’s Class?

A fun, hour long, accessible, powerful flow yoga where we connect breath with movement. It is done in a heated room set to fun music. Designed to build upper body strength, improve stamina and core strength, working different parts of the body.

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