July 4, 2021

New Covid Guidelines:

  •  All continue to be welcome at our Studio.
    • The state of Oregon has removed all Covid restrictions that would apply to the Studio.
    • At this time we do not require masks or proof of vaccine.
    • Any person wishing to wear a mask in the lobby or in classes may certainly do so.
    • As always, if you are not feeling well, please do come to the Studio to practice.
    • While Social Distancing as we have come to understand it is no longer required, please be aware of the people around you and maintain a respectful distance.

Classes have started using the Hot Room and its Radiant Heaters.  The feedback has been fantastic.  Temps are 105*F and the heat has been described as “like a giant warm hug!”

The Hot Room will be having the rest of the Lonseal floor installed in the next week, so some classes will be in Studio 2 while that happens.  Temps in Studio 2 will be 85*.

We hope to have an update in a week or so that everything is complete and we are fully open!  Details about the Open House Party will be coming then!!

Thank you,

BHY Staff