Sound Bath – Gong and Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Join Wendy for the upcoming Sound bath Meditation. Bring a mat, blankets, and any props you may like to fully rest. Wendy will facilitate a beautiful journey of self-discovery through yoga, deep relaxation and meditation while playing her crystal bowls and gong. Sound vibrations may help to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. They may also help your brain enter a deep meditative state, which creates an environment conducive to healing. Releasing both physical and emotional trauma, restoring balance and inviting a profound sense of peace and happiness. About the Gong, Alchemy bowls and Sound Current. When you play music the sound stops as the instrument is put down. Both the gongs and bowls continue a resound that the senses may experience differently.  My invitation to you is to shift your awareness from only listening with your ears to letting your whole body listen.  Let the bowls and gong play all of your senses and you. As you and your body stay as the nucleus, let the sound open a door from knowing to a world where alchemy and possibilities exist.


Sunday, June 12th @ 7:00-8:15pm