Fall Cleanse with Gong and Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Join Wendy for a Fall Cleanse with Gong and Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath. As yogis, we have many tools —yoga sets, meditations, sound current and diets, just to name a few, that can help us make positive changes. Cleansing is a way to help sensitize us to our patterns and enable us to use those patterns in a healthy way to build vitality. Periodic cleansing can turn the tides so we can optimize who we are and be supported by a well-functioning body. I invite you to join in, do what feels good, as little or as much as you want. Bring awareness to your habits and the emotions related to them. In this Workshop we will explore:

  • Recipes for a three day cleanse of Kitchere and Yogi Tea, with options to do less or more
  • Sample both Kitcheri and Yogi Tea
  • Practice a yoga set designed to support a cleanse
  • Set realistic intentions and bring awareness to our patterns

We will close our time together with a Sound Bath. Know that whatever you choose to do, it can also be inspiring to those around you. Your act of personal cleansing can have a powerful healing effect on your environment and those around you.

Sunday, September 25th 6:30-8:15pm

$15 BHY Members; $30 Non-Members

Please pre-register here!