Double Gonger Shiva & Shakti Sound Bath

Double Gonger Shiva & Shakti Sound Bath – with Wendy Schmitt and Kevin Kraft

Kevin and Wendy will facilitate a magical journey with a weave of double Sound current, Yoga, and Mantra. Shinning light on two divinely sacred energies that are equal and opposite forces Shiva and Shakti. Both Shiva and Shakti are alive in both men and women. All of us have divine masculine (Shiva) aspects and divine feminine (Shakti) aspects to our being. We hold these energies within us and, when united, there can be complete balance, joy and presence within our very being.

About the Gong, Alchemy bowls and Sound Current: when you play music the sound stops as the instrument is put down. Both the gongs and bowls continue a resound that the senses may experience differently. Our invitation to you is to shift your awareness from only listening with your ears to letting your whole body listen.  Let the bowls and gong play all of your senses and you. As you and your body stay as the nucleus, let the sound open a door from knowing to a world where alchemy and possibilities exist.

Sunday, November 6th, 7:00-8:30pm

$15 BHY Members; $25 Non-Members

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