Vin/Yin Live Music Flow

Join Dallas Bain and Kelcey Lassen at Bend Hot Yoga for a Live Music Vin/Yin (fast/slow) Flow to find a sense of rhythm, ease, and balance in your being. All you need is yourself & a yoga mat!

Vin/Yin is a combination of active, yang vinyasa flow with receptive yin yoga. The first half of class is a vinyasa flow of sun salutations, warrior poses, and breath connection to create warmth and awareness on your mat. The second half of class is a Yin, passive practice of holding poses, typically lower to the ground, to lengthen deeper connective tissues while consciously remaining aware of the breath for 3-5 minutes. Vin is movement, yin is stillness, together they offer a sense of balance in one class. Feel balanced, spacious, and free in your mind and body when you take this class.

Friday, 11/11 @ 6:00-7:00pm

$10 BHY Members; $20 Non-Members

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