All The Rage – Film & Discussion

“All The Rage” – Film & Discussion

Special Presentation of the Award Winning Documentary Film “All The Rage” – Presented by Bend Hot Yoga & Michael Harris

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At some point, virtually everyone has chronic pain.  It could be the back, the shoulders, the hip, headaches or any part of the body.  What if there was a way to stop “managing pain” and actually “end chronic pain?”  Not only has yoga been telling us this for centuries that you can end chronic pain, there is now evidence-based science that proves it.  

This film literally shows you how changing the mind, will change your body and your life.  Imagine, your aches and pains melting away, so you can effortlessly practice yoga, go skiing, get out of bed, take a walk – without pain.  Not only is it possible, it’s happening to people everyday, 

Many years ago, Dr. John Sarno, pioneered a radical approach to treating back pain, instructing patients to focus on repressed emotions as the source. He came to see that the unconscious mind was activating the autonomic nervous system, and that the repression of unconscious rage was a major contributor to pain. When Dr. Sarno suggested his patients make the connection between their emotions – including their tendency to put themselves under extreme pressure and stress – they rapidly improved.

He even changed shock jock Howard Stern’s life. Veteran Senator Tom Harkin was inspired to campaign for his cause, and he gave comedian Larry David “the closest thing to a religious experience” he’s ever had.

At the end of this film, there will be a live open discussion & Q&A lead by Michael Harris, with Michael Galinski (the films producer) and Dr. David Clark (Associate Professor of Ethics at OHSU and Founder of the Psychophysiological Disorders Association).   

If you or anyone else you know has experienced pain – or other unexplained pain or conditions – you don’t want to miss this event.  The life it changes could be yours. 

This film helps to change the healthcare paradigm. 

Tickets: $12

Friday, 1/27 @ 6:00pm

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