Bandhas: 3-Class Series

Bandhas: 3-Class Series with Deanna Kay

Join Deanna Kay for a 3-part series that focuses on the 3 Bandhas that reside within the pathway of the spinal column. Bandhas are physical & energetic locks that allow the practitioner to gain control of their energy by shaping their breath in a certain way while utilizing specific asanas. A Bandha practice shifts a standard asana practice into a true yoga practice. Bandhas equip the practitioner with the ability to tap into the true power of yoga. Because a Bandha practice is considered an advanced yoga practice, the practitioner would initially be able to cultivate smooth breathing patterns, a mind that ultimately is calm and able to maintain certain poses for an extended period of time comfortably. Each class will focus on one Bandha and the final class will invite the 3rd Bandha as well as all 3 Bandhas simultaneously. There will be music within this 3 part series.

$15 per class, or $40 for all 3

Sunday January 15th, 22nd & 29th @ 4:00-5:15pm – come to one or come to them all!

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