Explore the Traditional 84 Asana – Workshop

Explore the Traditional 84 Asana – Workshop with Heather Furtney

Join Heather in this comprehensive look at the Traditional 84 asana practice. Come find out the roots of your Original Hot Yoga 26 Postures and 2 Breathing excerices. 

We will go through all 84 postures and breakdown the “why” and the “how”! No experience in the 84 necessary, opporutnities for all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced! We will discover salutations, healthy backbends, full range of motion in the hips, inversions and arm balances!

Come curious!

What is Explore the 84? A Hatha Yoga set sequence that creates a space to explore what lies beyond the Original Hot Yoga poses and where they came from. The sequence will explore the “Traditional 84 Asanas” – this includes the 26 postures you know from Original Hot Yoga (Bikram) as they were pulled from this sequence of 84. This class can be classified as the “next step” from the Original Hot Yoga. We use the word “next step” loosely, as there are no prerequisites to practice. The teacher will provide verbal instructions as well as practicing with the class to help show the postures. Each class begins with Pranayama, Salutations and then will provide slight variety in the standing and floor series as we explore deep backbends, hip openers, arm balances and inversions. Within the heart of these challenging postures is a simple, clear intention and instruction with many steps along the way as you work to open, and prepare the body and mind for more depth. Anybody can give it a try, but you may find the class more enjoyable with a base knowledge of the Original Hot Yoga series. This sequence improves your spine, hips, strength, flexibility, mental capacity, and endurance.

Investment: $30

Saturday, July 22nd @ 11:30-1:30pm

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