Healing Ceremony with Aowyn Jones

Healing Ceremony with Aowyn Jones

In a potent healing container, we partner with the wisdom of your higher self to seek out and clear blockages, wounds and misalignments. This unique ceremony offers a powerful infusion of light to empower your being. ​It nurtures, with gentle love and acceptance. This ceremony is for people who want support from the unseen realms. Come with an awareness of your current process, and intentions for your healing and upleveling. The energy medicine delivered will be designed by your higher self. You’ll receive the medicine through sacred song and sound, and hands-on energy work. You’ll be guided to use the breath and Awareness, in collaboration with your guides and the medicine itself. You’ll be laying down and receiving for the duration of the ceremony, but you’ll be active internally, witnessing your inner experience and following your own knowing to make internal shifts, in collaboration with what’s being delivered.

Bring: — Yoga mat, camp pad, pillows, blankets – whatever you need to create a cozy nest for yourself to lay down on. — Water bottle

*Note: We might go past 8:00, no later than 8:30!

This can be a powerful release or flush of energy. A clearing of stagnation, stuckness, or wounding.
It’s a very sacred and loving experience. For more details, please reach out! We would love to share more about what to expect.
Aowyn Jones offers a mindfulness-based healing modality that goes through and beyond talk into the somatic, energetic and shamanic realms. www.wholefromthestart.com
*Space is limited to 10 participants

Investment: $55 BHY Unlimited Membership pass holders; $65 Non-members

Friday, October 27th @ 6:30-8:00pm+ (might go a little later)

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