Valentine’s Day Cacao Ceremony with Kundalini Yoga

Valentine’s Day Cacao Ceremony with Kundalini Yoga with Wendy Schmitt

Join Wendy Schmitt on Valentines’s day for a powerful heart opening journey.The combination of Kundalini technology and the ally of Cacao, will open your apertures for inner work, creativity and guidance. opening the heart allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, and the world around. Do you know what the biggest teaching form Cacao is? … FUN! We often forget as humans that one of the purposes in life is to have fun! Our bodies are made for pleasure and our spirits are made to soar. Cacao is that gentle yet powerful force that allows us to keep it real and keeps it light all at the same time. a long Sound Bath to follow.

Wednesday, February 14th @ 9:00-1:00am

Investment: $20

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