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Bend Hot Yoga is proud to provide you the opportunity to practice a wide variety of yoga styles in our studio.

Please see our guide and key below for the class descriptions.


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45 minute class

45 Minute Class

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Original Hot Yoga

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26 precisely-sequenced postures and 2 breathing exercises. This therapeutic system of yoga has no prerequisites and improves overall physical and mental health. The sequence of postures addresses each part of the body to harmonize and balance all the systems of the body. Benefits include improvement in coordination, balance and circulation, reduced stress, nourishment to the joints, and removal of toxins from the body. The same sequence each time allows you to find a new layer of wisdom as you refine the postures through repetition. All levels are welcome.


This system of yoga was developed in Calcutta by Bishnu Ghosh, India’s most-renowned physical culturist of his time. Ghosh was the younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of the most popular yoga book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and founder of the Self Realization Center in California. In 1923, Ghosh founded the College of Physical Education in Calcutta, India. His writings influenced the development of modern yoga as exercise. Bishnu was among India’s vanguard in bringing classical Hatha yoga out of the ashrams and hermitages, and into India’s crowded twentieth century cities with the goal of providing a “yoga cure” for ailments and diseases. Bishnu laid the groundwork for the emergence of the gymnasium and bodybuilding practice which integrated strength-building with yoga in the 1940’s. He developed the technique of alternating effort with rest – asana and savasana – which informs Bikram Yoga, the yoga you know today. Ghosh mentored Bikram Choudhury, founder of Bikram Yoga, who brought this precise system to the West in the 1970’s. Bikram established his first school in San Francisco, then settled in Los Angeles near the headquarters of Yogananda. Bikram Yoga is now referred to as The Original Hot Yoga (OHY).

26 & Tunes

radiant room105 temperature 75 minute class 

Enjoy your familiar Original Hot Yoga postures while listening to music! There are no posture instructions given during class. The teacher will practice with you and lead you through the timing of each pose, but the rest is up to you! It is helpful to have a general idea of the postures to take this class, but everyone is welcome.

Hot Fusion

radiant room 105 temperature 60 minute class 

A mix of our Original Hot Yoga (Bikram) and Vinyasa classes. You can expect to flow through the 26 postures of OHY with added vinyasas (chaturangas), core strength, and a strong focus on breath with movement. All levels are welcome.

Hot Hatha

radiant room105 temperature 60 minute class 90 minute class 

A dialogue based classic Hatha Yoga set sequence that creates a space to explore 50+ postures including hip openers, arm balances, and inversions. A great way to glimpse what lies beyond the Original Hot Yoga (Bikram). This class is classified as the “next step” from the Original Hot Yoga. Within the heart of these challenging postures is a simple, clear intention and instruction. Anybody can give it a try, but you may find the class more enjoyable with a base knowledge of the Original Hot Yoga series. This sequence prepares and improves your spine, hips, strength, flexibility, mental capacity, and endurance to eventually practice the Classic 84 Advanced Series.


Hot Hatha is a set sequence of postures meant to be the step between the Original Hot Yoga (26 postures) and the 84 Classic Asanas Advanced Series (84 postures – described below). Within the Ghosh Lineage is a tradition of 84 Asanas. The number 84 traditionally signifies completeness and is considered, by some, to be mystical. Ghosh Yoga uses simple therapeutic exercises to mobilize and strengthen every area of the body, from the eyes down to the toes, including the internal organs and systems. Even though this lineage draws its name to the early 1900’s, many of its philosophies are traditional, drawn from texts and schools of thought that have been around for hundreds or thousands of years. Some of the most obvious history is from the Gheranda Samhita, a traditional text from about 1700, thought to have been written in Bengal. This text describes 32 asanas, 23 of which are present in the teachings of Ghosh and his students.The 84 yoga postures began to form their set sequence in the 1930’s in Calcutta, India, where Buddha Bose began to delineate the asanas into different ‘series’ such as standing, sitting and lying down. This is also when the teaching of students began, at what’s now called Ghosh’s Yoga College of Physical Education. Although the 84 Asanas are based on the curriculum taught at Ghosh’s College – one single source for the 84 asanas has yet to be found but can be credited to Buddha Bose, Gouri Shankar Mukerji, Bishnu Ghosh, and more recently on the timeline was Bikram Choudhury and Tony Sanchez.

Yin Yoga

treehouse room 80 temperature 60 minute class 

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice that focuses on holding each individual pose for long periods of time. This gives you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and body. In the longer holds the body will respond to a slow steady load allowing a subtle release that takes you deeper into the pose. The depth is a response of the tissues lengthening, hydrating, and becoming more pliable. Lengthening and strengthening of the connective tissue around the joints, improving flexibility, and range of motion – mainly in the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine. By practicing these deep poses you will be opening any blockages and releasing energy flow.


Long-held postures have been used both in India’s Hatha yoga and in China’s Taoist yoga. For example, Iyengar recommended holding Supta Virasana (reclining hero pose) for 10–15 minutes. Long-held stretches are similarly recommended in Western physical disciplines, such as gymnastics and ballet, to increase flexibility. Tao yin also included poses in the system of Neidan (internal alchemy), intended to improve health and longevity. Taoist priests taught long-held poses, along with breathing techniques, to Kung Fu practitioners beginning 2000 years ago, to help them fully develop their martial arts skills.

The practice of a series of long-held floor poses was introduced in North America in the late 1970s by the martial arts champion Paulie Zink. Zink began to teach a synthesis of hatha yoga with Taoist yoga, as well as postures, movements and insights that he had developed. He later called this synthesis “Yin and Yang yoga,” or “Yin Yoga” for short.

Sound Yoga and Gong Bath Meditation

radiant room 70 temperature 90 minute class 

The class begins with a brief explanation of the healing attributes of the gong and other sound therapy instruments. We open the space with a new mantra every week and then use light movement and breathwork to prepare the body for the flow of energy to create a receptive experience for deep relaxation. Participants will then get comfortable by lying down (preferred) or in another comfortable position for 30-45 minutes to receive the multiple sounds, vibrations, and other resonant tones and frequencies. As we build the sound and intensity of the Gongs, we allow the sounds to naturally decay, creating build and release cycles which are deeply therapeutic. This is called a bath as every cell in the body is “bathed” in vibration, allowing us to “release,” very much like a physical massage, stored physical and emotional tension. The participant only needs to relax into letting go and the gongs do the rest of the work. While the experience requires very little effort, the results are profound. A Gong bath is a very personal and unique experience. Gongs speak to each of us differently, on many different levels of our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. It is a time of deep relaxation and expansion, where transformation and healing can occur. All body types, belief systems, and experience levels are welcome. Please bring a Yoga mat/Pillow/Blanket to maximize your comfort during the class.


The history of sound healing goes back thousands of years. Greek physicians used musical instruments to heal patients, tapping into the power of vibration to aid in digestion, treat mental disturbance, and insomnia. The ancient Egyptians described musical incantations to help heal the sick. Native Americans used singing, chanting, and drums as part of the sound healing process. Sound healing has also led to the creation of various ancient instruments, from Tibetan singing bowls to Aboriginal didgeridoos. These instruments, along with chants and mantras, have been used to balance the chakras by awakening consciousness.

It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that researchers began to study the application of music in medicine and healing, finding that it could lower blood pressure and assist the work of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body calm down and recover from stress.

According to quantum physics, every cell is made up of small pieces of vibrating matter joined together by magnetic forces. It is believed that during illness or disease the vibration in the cells is less effective or there is a reduction in the frequency of the vibration. Alternative health practitioners theorize that when your body is exposed to healing sounds, the sound vibration helps to raise the frequency of your body which brings health and spiritual enhancement.


radiant room treehouse room 70 temperature75 minute class 

Kundalini Yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a dynamic, powerful tool that is designed to give you an experience of your soul. The technology of Kundalini Yoga precisely and consciously combines breath, mudra, eye-focus, mantra, body locks, and postures to balance the glandular system, strengthen the nervous system, expand lung capacity, and purify the blood. It brings balance to the body, mind, and soul. When we apply the technology of Kundalini Yoga to our bodies and minds – it has the effect of uplifting our emotions and energy. No experience is necessary, everyone is welcome!


 treehouse room70 temperature60 minute class

Vin/Yin is a combination of active, yang vinyasa flow with receptive yin yoga. The first half of class is a vinyasa flow of sun salutations, warrior poses, and breath connection to create warmth and awareness on your mat. The second half of class is a Yin, passive practice of holding poses, typically lower to the ground, to lengthen deeper connective tissues while consciously remaining aware of the breath for 3-5 minutes. Vin is movement, yin is stillness, together they offer a sense of balance in one class. Feel balanced, spacious, and free in your mind and body when you take this class.

Restorative Yoga

 treehouse room70 temperature60 minute class

Accessible for all bodies and minds, Restorative Yoga is a restful practice composed of slowing down and relaxing passively into poses. With the support of props, Restorative Yoga allows you to work with your body to tap into how it is feeling in the present moment using slow and intentional movement. Bring awareness and breath into your muscles and notice the subtle changes in your body as you relax into each pose. You’ll leave feeling in tune and rejuvenated! This class encourages physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Appropriate for all levels, restorative yoga is practiced at a slow pace, focusing on long holds, stillness, and deep breathing. We provide blocks, blankets, and bolsters but feel free to bring any additional props you might need to make yourself comfortable. 

Hatha Flow

 treehouse room80 temperature60 minute class

Hatha yoga cultivates an overall sense of energetic balance; a sense of being more grounded, awake and clear. Each class will begin with pranayama (yogic breathing) or mantra. Hatha Yoga is set at a slower pace, which can benefit all students. It is important to note that Sun Salutations are traditional and offered as a warm up with a combination of standing, seated, twists, inversions and supported poses. Props will be used to help probe, prompt, and awaken our intelligence towards alignment, balance, strength, stamina and flexibility. The focus is on the inner awareness connecting body, breath and mind. The objective is to get a feeling for the wholeness of each asana, cultivating steadiness and ease while exploring how to expand and refine the breath.

Inferno Hot Pilates

radiant room95 temperature 60 minute class 

High intensity, low impact, interval training class using pilates principles. A fun Tabata style (HIIT, 8 rounds of 20 seconds each with 10 seconds of rest) workout building body awareness, core strength, and overall conditioning. The outline of the class is similar each time, but the exercises and sequence will vary from class to class. The class is performed with fast-paced music making it fun, exciting and energizing. A beautiful complement to your yoga practice. All levels are welcome.


Far more than a recent fitness craze, pilates has been developed and practiced since the 1920’s when Joseph and Clara Pilates opened their studio in NYC. Born in Germany, Joseph developed his ideas on fitness and gained experience as a teacher leading daily exercise routines in his internment camp in the UK during the first world war. He believed that our modern lifestyle, bad posture and inefficient breathing were the roots of ill health. He designed a unique series of vigorous physical exercises that help to correct muscular imbalances and improve posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as to increase breathing capacity and organ function.
A track and field athlete, Gabi Walters came to yoga and pilates while dealing with a knee injury, and learned the benefits of low impact training. In 2009, she designed a class which became the basis for Inferno Hot Pilates and opened her Las Vegas studio in 2012. Since then, Gabi has personally trained hundreds of teachers across the country. Along with physical movement, a key aspect of all classes is the use of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) messages to challenge old limiting beliefs and install new motivational messages.


 radiant roomtreehouse room 80 temperature 45 minute class  

Get a quick boost to your body, mind, metabolism, and energy levels with this 45 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class. This form of interval training is a cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. With the use of resistance bands, kettlebells, and weights you will gain strength and tone the muscles. All levels are welcome.


Made popular in the 2010’s, this style of workout was originally used to train runners, cyclists and speed skaters. Gosta Holmer (Fartlek training), Izumi Tabata (Tabata Training), and Aurther Jones (Nautilus) have all influenced the HIIT strategy that we use today.


radiant room treehouse room 95 temperature 80 temperature 60 minute class 75 minute class 90 minute class 

Our vinyasa classes are wide-ranging, incorporating the many layers of yoga through different styles of movement. Each teacher brings a vastly different experience to the class. We encourage you to try each teacher’s class. Vinyasa translates as “flowing with breath” or “to place in a special way.” This class offers an opportunity to consciously link the movement of the body with the movement of the breath creating a steady internal rhythm. These classes offer a variety of poses and balanced sequencing each time as you link dynamic moves together to build strength, flexibility, and an inner calm.


Vinyasa Yoga is a modern style of yoga, born out of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition. The origins can be traced back to 200 B.C. when Patanjali began constructing his ashta-ang, or eight limbed discipline. Followers like Sri K. Pattabhi Jois from Mysore, India have committed themselves to refining the techniques of Patanjali. Ashtanga, and now modern vinyasa has since been popularized in the West by his students.
While each teacher brings a unique background and personality to their classes, you can expect to find similarities in classes with each of them.

Hot Vinyasa

radiant room 95 temperature 60 minute class 

Our vinyasa classes are wide-ranging, incorporating the many layers of yoga through different styles of movement. Each teacher brings a vastly different experience to the class. We encourage you to try each teacher’s class. Vinyasa translates as “flowing with breath” or “to place in a special way.” This class offers an opportunity to consciously link the movement of the body with the movement of the breath creating a steady internal rhythm. These classes offer a variety of poses and balanced sequencing each time as you link dynamic moves together to build strength, flexibility, and an inner calm.

Yoga Nidra

radiant room treehouse room  70 temperature 75 minute class 60 minute class  

Yoga nidra is often referred to as “yoga sleep” – you will enter a threshold state between sleep and wakefulness. Learn to relax consciously! A state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from our outer experiences and distractions. If the consciousness can be separated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful and can be applied in many ways – like developing memory, increasing knowledge and creativity, even transforming one’s nature. It is said that a single hour of yoga nidra is as restful as four hours of conventional sleep. You can expect to take class laying down on your mat with the help of props to keep you comfortable, ideally remaining still for the duration of the meditation. You get to lie down and follow instructions mentally – this practice has the capacity of penetrating into the depths of the human mind.

Crystal Bowl Meditation

radiant room treehouse room  70 temperature 75 minute class 60 minute class  

Sound baths use repetitive notes at different frequencies to help bring your focus to the inner senses. The resonance of the bowl synchronizes brain waves to induce a deep meditative and peaceful state. By using particular combinations of rhythms and frequencies, it is possible to shift our normal beta state (alert, concentrating, reacting) to an alpha (creative, relaxed), and even theta (meditative state) and delta (deep sleep; where restoring and healing can occur). The bowls often feel like they are playing you. A hypnotic sound invoking the harmony and beauty that you are.


radiant room treehouse room 70 temperature  60 minute class  

The Nia Technique is a powerful fusion of dance, martial arts, and mindfulness practices that elevates the heart rate and playfully expands your movement potential. It is a holistic practice addressing body, mind, and soul. Nia is designed for everyBODY, regardless of age, health or fitness level. By using the system of 52 simple moves, Nia delivers full-body conditioning leaving you energized, clear, and balanced. We practice barefoot, to inspire and guide people to listen to the wisdom of the body, choose movement that feels good, and find connection. Join us as we discover, explore, UNLEASH, and enhance our potential to truly live in our bodies!

Yoga with Focus: Movement + Music

 treehouse room80 temperature 60 minute class  

While most vinyasa classes prepare your body and mind to settle into Savasana, in this class, the emphasis is placed on finding fluid transitions between poses and moving to the beat of creatively curated playlists. Students can expect a classical focus on the sequencing of static poses, layered with unique transitions that build into a series of fluid movements. Each week will have thematic music and moves. Come flow!

Appropriate for all levels of yoga and dance.  No yoga or dance experience necessary.

Are you already a dancer? Yoga can be a wonderful compliment to your dance training! As a 30+ year professional dancer and dance educator, Sinnamon has used yoga to enhance strength, flexibility, focus and mental wellness. Today dancers are expected to be incredibly versatile and perform physically demanding choreography. If you want to gain flexibility for extensions and strength for inversions, yoga can help you reach your goals. This vinyasa style class at 83F will allow you to get a deep stretch while building strength. This class will also provide you with tools for stress relief and conditioning that can be transferred to the dance studio.

Level 2/3 Hot Vinyasa

 radiant room95 temperature 75 minute class 

Explore and expand your vinyasa yoga practice on the mat with dynamic and more advanced transitions that build to a peak posture or explore an asana family more deeply in this 75-minute practice. Some knowledge and experience with vinyasa yoga is helpful, but all are welcome to come and explore!

This is just a guide and all comparisons are to our own offerings, not to other studios. Your individual experience may be different. If you haven’t been practicing for a while or if you are trying a new class for the first time, it may feel more intense. Conversely, if you are a regular practitioner, it may feel less intense. While the OHY classes follow the same sequence of postures each time, the Vinyasa classes will vary depending on the sequence the teacher designs for that particular class. We encourage you to try all styles and take classes with all teachers.

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