Deanna Kay

Deanna, originally from Maine moved to Bend a year ago from Tahoe where she taught Yoga for 11 years. Her practice began in India in 2009 and when she returned to the states, she began to teach. Throughout the last 11 years she has been immersed in various trainings from Anusara, Hatha-flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra and continuous meditational practices. Her classes encompass fluid movement with alignment in connection with breath and linked with intentional music.

She spends much of her time outdoors hiking trails and climbing up mountains. She loves music, nature, travel, self-care, sauna-ing and taking it easy. Deanna is also a Massage Therapist and enjoys providing comfort, relaxation and ease to her clients. If you are interested in her sun sign, Sagittarius it is (freedom advocate)!