Hannah Bailey

Originally from Arizona, but an Oregonian of over 20 years, Hannah discovered yoga after moving to Tucson for grad school. She spent years studying human anatomy and evolutionary biology, but has found herself far happier as a massage therapist with her own thriving practice here in Bend. Prior to her current iteration, she was a professional bird trainer and wildlife rehabilitation educator, specializing in birds of prey. She took her very first yoga class in Tucson with Darren Rhodes and Sam Rice, which is also where she received her teacher training. Her training was a Hatha based teaching technology that espoused the ideas of safety, sustainability, and accessibility of a yoga practice to all. Her background in the anatomical sciences, as well as her training as a massage therapist, provide her the tools to offer dynamic classes that are challenging for all levels of practitioner, and are very alignment focused. She truly enjoys the teaching aspect of yoga, and offers lots of hands on assists to help students find alignment and safety in their practice, while also providing options for more advanced practitioners to take things to the next level. In 2016, Hannah was involved in two traumatic injury events, that have altered the way she both practices and teaches yoga. She is skilled at offering modifications for every need, and teaches classes that are precise and methodical. She often offers the exploration of some of the less frequently explored postures that yoga has to offer, so things in her class might get a bit weird, but it will always be fun and set to carefully curated playlists. In spite of being an alignment stickler, she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and brings that playfulness into the studio. When not teaching yoga or doing massage, she can be found in her art studio making paintings, riding horses with her dog, giving people unsolicited information about birds, or captaining a sailboat somewhere in the ocean.