Helen Scotch

I took my first yoga class in 2006. Stepping into that hot room I had no idea what to expect but 90 minutes later I knew I would be back for more. Admittedly I approached yoga with an athlete mindset for several years, alternating between vinyasa and 26&2 depending on what my mind and body needed. Over time I began to appreciate my time on the mat for so much more than the physical benefits.

I had a loose plan for teacher training way in the future and a dream of one day owning a studio in our retirement years. It didn’t happen quite like that! I graduated from the Original Hot Yoga Academy in December 2021. I have a long way to go in my teaching journey but am very grateful to have so many mentors at Bend Hot Yoga – both my fellow teachers and the many students who’s deep knowledge and appreciation of the practice inspires me every day.

When not teaching you’ll find me running, hiking or snowshoeing the local trails with our two dogs.