Janell Lewis

Janell’s classes are calm and soft while strong and stable. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Janell’s connection with nature and the outdoors began as a young child and would fuel her physical well-being and reveal the unharnessed power of the human body. This experience led Janell to study The Art of Restoration Therapy, a Japanese deep tissue massage, obtaining over 2,000 hours in Oriental Medicine. With 25 years of experience, Janell has gained a profound understanding of body mechanics, injuries, proper alignment and energy work, which enhances her yoga practice and teaching skills in her

Beginning a career as a personal trainer in 2010, Janell was continually drawn to her yoga practice. This brought her to Wild Mountain Yoga where she completed 500 YTT with Amanda Serene Dozel, founder of The Heart of Hatha. Her teachers consist of Wah, Jai Dev Singh, Christina Sells and Edwin Bryant. Janell felt her strongest capacity to grow and give through yoga and was teaching classes before opening her own studio in 2016. Youphoria Yoga & Massage offered Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa while also providing healing modalities for the community through bodywork, Reiki and sound therapy. She
partnered with Rite of Passage over the past 6 years that offered yoga and meditation to at-risk youth and staff members. Janell turned over her studio in June 2022 to move to Bend Oregon to start her legacy and share this path with you all.

Her studies continue in the healing arts of sound therapy, deepening her sense further and shaping her practice. Her teacher Ashana is one of the premiere healing music artists and New Age vocalist of our time. Janell loves to incorporate the symphonic gong, crystal singing bowls, harmonium and the human voice into her yoga classes and bodywork.

Janell’s purpose is to uplift mankind through increasing the experiences of spiritual growth, peace, joy, happiness, love and well-being for all souls. She aims to share these profound teachings, to encourage everyone to open themselves up to self-awareness, self-transformation, self-acceptance in their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.