Jonie Peck

“Yoga is timeless and as we age our body’s change and our living situations change. Yoga is a stabilizer that keeps us grounded, peaceful and happy. No matter if I’m teaching or practicing I always feel better after class.”

Jonie’s yoga journey began with her first hot yoga class in 2005 after a debilitation jaw stress injury left her unable to move her body aerobically. Her journey continued knowing that she had to spread the feeling of freedom, breath to movement, mental clarity and inner peace and confidence to others. She completed her CYT in 2006 in Portland and has spent the last 16 years studying, training and discovering. Jonie is dedicated to helping students accept where they are in the present moment. She creates a light hearted and judgement free acceptance and curiosity of where the yogi is on their mat, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Through the years her most favorite discovery about yoga is about connection.
“Yoga means unite.” Everyplace I go yoga is a connector of people and things.”
Jonie is most curious about how the ego sneaks up on the mat. She encourages students to leave their egos outside, tune in, be wise and listen to their bodies.

Jonie recently relocated to Central Oregon from Portland with her husband and beloved Buster-dog.
“I feel so grateful to have found this community of warm and dedicated yogis- we can ALL have a little more gratitude practicing together in a studio again.”