Kathy Durham

Deeply connected and rooted to the earth, Kathy continues to step into her wisdom every day! Her appreciation for order and integrity are evident in all that she does. Her class is precise and intentional, her workshops methodical and memorable, her meditations mystical and magical.

Kathy’s first introduction to yoga was an Anusara based practice in 1999. Struggling through college with depression and anxiety, she found safety and strength in her body on her mat. Her weekly practice planted a seed deep in her heart that revealed its essence years later in the hot room where confidence, comfort, and connection ignited powerful transformation. Becoming an Original Hot Yoga Teacher in 2005, she harnessed a unique perception of teaching techniques that allow all levels of practitioners to trust her guidance to their next step in the process. Shy, reserved, and observant on the outside, her passion shines through her deliberate cues, intentional movement, and creative themes, concepts, and sequencing.

Her yogic journey has woven an amazing path for her to fully embrace self-study. She has done it all: teach a ba-zillion classes of all levels and styles, compete regionally & nationally, help manage studios, develop teachers, train competitors, host feminine embodiment circles, host retreats, and lead teacher trainings. Her focus on alignment in physical poses directed her interest into Ayurvedic studies in search of a deep understanding of the concept of balance in all areas of her life. This moved her to more meditation based practices such as Kundalini, Qyoa, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. Diving into the emotional and spiritual side of meditative practices has awakened her creativity and inspired deeper connection with the forces of nature that combine within each and every one of us.

Asana, astrology, rituals, yoga philosophy, cooking and backpacking fuel her fire. Once you meet her you’ll understand why we all tell her she is ‘older than the sun and moon’…she knows things… and is a great resource to steer you in the best direction to begin your own personal path of yoga study.