Lauren Anas

Lauren is a Vinyasa (Ashtanga inspired) teacher at the Yoga Alliance 500 hour level. Her love for movement began at a young age, eventually being trained as a classical ballet dancer. She found Ashtanga yoga and meditation in college as a way to continue her passion for reflective movement. She soon realized how much of an inspiration yoga was for her both on and off the mat.  

She has traveled and studied yoga and meditation with a variety of teachers including Ben Thomas, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, Richard Freeman, Max Strom, MV Chidananda (Ashtanga teacher in Mysore, India), and Doron Hamoch. And she has assisted in multiple teacher trainings.

Lauren’s Vinyasa classes are active with an emphasis on building a combination of strength, flexibility, balance and focus. Her intention is to create an atmosphere where students can explore their edge, practice what is needed for their bodies and mind in that particulate moment, and to use the power of the breath and the practice as a catalyst to transforming ones life. 

Outside of the studio, Lauren loves to run, hike, write and spend time with family.