Susie McLagan

Susie McLagan, a.k.a. “Mom,” but not the lunch-making soccer mom, more like a container full of possibility to cultivate growth. She will tell you that through yoga, “We can heal, we can change, and we deserve to feel well and to be joyful.”

Susie took her first Original Hot Yoga Class at Bend Hot Yoga in 2004 and never looked back. A personal trainer at that time, she knew within two weeks of teaching that the Original Hot Yoga was her destiny. She certified to teach in 2009, and purchased and owned Bend Hot Yoga from 2012-2021.

Susie believes the best teachers are always learning, humble and open to change for the better. She says, “A great teacher is mutable. Every student has a lesson for me. I have made it a point to surround myself with a community that challenges me to learn more so I can give more. The students and my teacher peers are always teaching me. This yoga practice is a series of asanas that are pure magic and creates transformation. I see it every single day. The discipline and integrity supports growth (physically and Spiritually) which in turn supports more self-awareness and confidence.”

She goes on to say, “Yoga is Union, uniting every little thing we do. We have the choice to make decisions based on wellness in all areas of our lives. I am committed to holding space for you to practice, be YOU and go back into the world more united.”