Endorphins, Dopamine and Serotonin are the happy hormones released when you work your body.

Motivation comes from our need to make a change. Yet, motivation wanes around 3 to 4 weeks because of our neurochemistry. The happy hormones increase faster than the receptors can receive them. The cells literally have to shake and make new receptors to balance us out. Not all the “happy hormones” are being received YET at the rate they are being created. While our chemistry is trying to keep up with our new routine we can become less motivated and this is when we begin to make excuses or we find aches and pains and we stop.

Practice Hot Yoga regularly, and the concentration of those happy hormones grow continuously in many areas of the brain

*WARNING* Side effects include improved concentration and an increase of confidence, happiness and satisfaction.

Bend Hot Yoga wants to help you keep those happy hormones pumping and support you through those harder times!

Register for our 2 weeks Hot Start Intro for $39.

Hot Start Intro 2 weeks!

Invest $49 more and add one more month. That is 6 weeks to get you over the motivation hump and move your life in the healthy direction you want to go.

Six weeks, $88 – Keep me motivated!


This offer ends September 1st, 2019. Must activate by September 15th, 2019

**This is offer is for New Students in Central Oregon