Covid 19 Safety Protocols, 2020 - Bend Hot Yoga A Wellness Center | Yoga Bend Oregon

Safety Protocols – Covid 19

Registering for a studio class

  • Pre-registration through WellnessLiving is REQUIRED for ALL classes – both Studio and Virtual.
  • We will not be accepting walk-ins or out of town students at the studio at this time.
  • Only current, local members and class card holders will be allowed to register and attend classes at the studio. 
  • Registration for ALL classes must be done online. 
  • We are requiring a Covid-19 Waiver to be signed prior to registration. 
  • Class size is extremely to 15 as per 6 ft for social distance between students. 
  • Email us NOW if there is an issue with your account or you need assistance. Do not rely on calling the studio number or texting us personally. We are attending to everyone by email at this time. 
  • A wait list will be available in the event the class is at capacity in the studio.
  • If a space comes available you will be contacted both by email and SMS/Text in the order of registration. 
  • If you are not well, do not come to the studio. Use our online class options instead. 
  • You must have a valid credit card on file to attend. 
  • Cancelation of class must be given no less than 1 hour before class and there will be a $25 fee if you fail to cancel your class. 
  • CANCELATION MUST BE DONE ONLINE. Please do not rely on phoning or emailing the studio or contacting staff personally. We will only accept cancellations done through Wellness Living.

Arriving at the studio

  • The front door will open 15 minutes before class starts. 
  • Masks/face coverings are encouraged as an added safety measure. You may remove your mask once in the yoga room and place it on your mat.
  • Adherence to social distancing (at least 6 feet distance) must be practiced at all times on the property. 
  • Upon entering and leaving the studio, all personal items must be contained at all times. We recommend you bring a bag to place your sweaty towel/mat into after class. 
  • We will not rent mats or towels. Come prepared with your own or purchase one available to bring with you from now on. 
  • Water filling stations will be closed. Bring your own water. 
  • No retail clothing will be available to try on or purchase. Make sure you have your outfit with you upon arrival! 
  • We will not accept any CASH. Make sure we have your CC on file prior to arrival. 

Lobby and changing rooms

  • Observe all social distancing guidelines. Please, no loitering in the lobby or changing rooms. Proceed straight to the yoga room and set up for class and leave promptly afterwards. 
  • The changing rooms will allow only 2 people at a time. You are allowed to place extra items in the open cubbies as needed. 

Studio room and class etiquette 

  • Spaces will be clearly marked at 6 feet distance in between for you to set up your practice space. 
  • If you require tissues or extra towels, these must remain ON YOUR MAT the whole class. No placing tissues or towels on the carpet. 
  • You will not step across your mats for the Separate Leg Series, instead, you will be instructed to turn and remain on your mat the entire class. 

After class expectations

  • While we are so excited to see you and have you back in the studio, we will be unable to visit after class. 
  • Please gather your things and leave the building within the social distancing regulations. 
  • Personal items left at the studio cannot be stored and will be thrown away.

Extra notes to keep in mind

  • If you have allergies that are not under control do not come in.  
  • Observe all posted signs and protocols at all times. Failure to do so is cause for immediate dismissal from the studio. 
  • All of these safety protocols are being heavily revised each week as we navigate through reopening.