Studio Guidelines - Bend Hot Yoga A Wellness Center | Yoga Bend Oregon

Studio Procedures and Guidelines


  • Online registration for In-Studio classes will start Sunday, March 28th.   In-Studio classes will start Friday, April 2nd.
    • We will provide a live stream of the in-studio classes. When registering for a class on Wellness Living you will choose to register for the live stream or the in-studio class – choose correctly!  We plan to offer live streaming and video on-demand (VOD) into the foreseeable future, so there will always be multiple options for you to practice.
    • For April, all in-studio memberships and classes can be used for virtual live stream classes as well

    COVID Considertions 

    At a minimum, we will be following guidelines set forth by the state of Oregon regarding COVID. In some areas we will go above and beyond these guidelines. Our goal is to protect our teachers, students and staff from COVID to the best of our ability.  We must all work together, please be aware of the people and spaces around you.  Lastly, we will do our best to provide a safe environment, but nothing can be guaranteed.   If you are not comfortable taking personal responsibility for any outcomes of practicing in-studio, please consider our virtual or VOD options.

       Registering for a studio class:

      • Pre-registration through Wellness Living is REQUIRED for ALL classes – both in-studio and virtual.
        • We will not be accepting walk-ins.
          • Do not register for more than 1 in-studio class per day.  This will change as we are able to accommodate more in-studio students.
            • In-Studio class size is limited to 8 students to maintain 6 feet between students.
              • Any questions, account maintenance or business related communication will be conducted solely via email at this time.  This will allow us to serve you more quickly while maintaining a record.  Do not use social media or text/call individual teachers or staff for account or business issues at this time. Email 
                • You will automatically be put on the waitlist in order of registration in the event the in-studio class is at capacity.If a space becomes available you will be automatically registered for the class and notified by email up until 2 hours prior to class. Within 2 hours of class, if we have space we will contact you via email first to check if you can still make it.
                  • Sign up by 8:00pm the night prior for early morning classes (6:30am/7:00am), and 2 hours in advance for all other classes.
                    • Cancellation of class must be given no less than 2 hours before class and there will be a $20 fee if you fail to cancel your class.
                      • No-shows will be charged $20.
                        • CANCELLATION MUST BE DONE ONLINE. Please do not rely on phoning, emailing the studio, or contacting staff personally. We will only accept cancellations done through Wellness Living.
                          • If you are not well, do not come to the studio. Use our virtual class options instead.
                            • You must have a valid email address and valid credit card on file to register.

                              Arriving at the studio:

                              • The front door will open 15 minutes before class starts.
                                • Face masks (no bandanas/buffs) are required the entire time you are in the studio, including on your mat. Nose and mouth must be fully covered at all times; anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave.
                                  • Face shields are allowed only if also accompanied by a face mask.
                                    • Keep it simple! Only bring what you need – all personal items must be contained at all times. We recommend you bring a bag to place your sweaty towel/mat into after class.
                                      • We will not rent mats or towels at this time. Come prepared with your own.
                                        • Water filling stations will be closed. Bring your own water.

                                          Studio and class etiquette:

                                          • Observe all social distancing guidelines. Although we are excited to see everyone, please limit your time in the lobby to limit exposure.
                                            • Place your yoga mat on the designated taped lines on the floor.
                                              • If you require tissues or extra towels, these must remain ON YOUR MAT the whole class. No placing tissues or towels on the floor.

                                                Extra notes to keep in mind:

                                                • Bring a rubber mat for under your towel to prevent slipping on the flooring. (The floor is not carpet; It is a purpose built vinyl.)
                                                  • If you have allergies that are not under control do not come in.
                                                    • Observe all posted signs and protocols at all times. Failure to do so is cause for immediate dismissal from the studio.
                                                      • Guidelines will be monitored and updated as necessary.
                                                        • We are taking appropriate steps to clean and sanitize between each class.

                                                           Practicing With a Mask

                                                            It’s not easy. But when is this practice easy? As Hot Yogis, we inherently love a good challenge. Adding challenges makes us stronger and reminds us to remain calm, in control, and humble in all situations.

                                                            Masks during practice heighten our focus – it is one more way to notice our breath, and one more way to harness the power deep within ourselves to mentally persevere through difficulty.

                                                            If at any point it is overwhelming, adjust your intensity. You have the ability to control this and to dial up or down as you are able. Know that, as always, we understand if you need to take a break or do less. Resting when the system is overworked is necessary and we trust you know what is best for you!