This practice is not something to survive, not something to conquer, not an addiction to feed. This practice is simply a choice I make – every single day – to show up, do my best, and accept myself exactly as I am. I don’t get to choose how Bikram yoga is going to affect my body on any given day. But…every day I get to choose how I approach my practice. And, in turn, every day I get to choose how I approach my life. That’s a big deal.

Sheila Balyeat

Mandy began her Bikram practice in 2009. She is a school teacher at an alternative high school here in Bend. She believes her Yoga really started during her first and only pregnancy. Her pregnancy was easy and without event, practicing up until her final week before delivery! “I believe that my practice changed everything about my experience, from getting pregnant, to delivery, and now, being a mom. I learned to relax, breath and focus. “All I know is this; this practice is good. More pregnant women need to do this. More parents need to do this. More everyone needs to do this so that they can see for themselves the changes, the benefits and the magic!”

Mandy Palen

Kent practices 2-4 times a week which, he says, “helps me maintain life balance.” He swears this Yoga practice has slowed down the aging process. The Yoga has led him to be “more mindful in all areas of my life, I am a batter dad.”

Ken Vickery

There are so many hundreds of times I dragged myself to class feeling like a chemical soaked rag, and emerged a clean towel, detoxed, renewed and focused. It has been the number one factor in helping me stay sober over these last few months. It is an otherworldly gift that I wish everyone on this earth could experience for themselves.

Laurel Brauns

I hoped the [30-Day] Challenge would heal my golf elbow, tone up my core strength and help me refocus on my practice, and it worked! Every day I gained strength and healing. It only took 11 days to reach the turning point. That was the first day my elbow was healed enough to do Locust pose without screaming (silently) in agony. My core strength was greater and my legs and arms were toned up. In addition, my mind was calmer in Savasana.

Diane Kirpach

On her 38th birthday Karina was shocked when looking at photos of herself. “How did I gain so much weight? I was approaching 40 and did not want to be 40 and over weight.” Karina started changing her lifestyle and got rid of 110 pounds. She added Bikram Yoga to her workout routine when she started to experience hip pain and the benefits have astounded her. Mental clarity, breathing, staying present in the moment and stress relief has touched every part of her life. “One very important reason I keep coming back is the wonderful people! Students and teachers that are encouraging and positive. It makes me look forward to every class!”

Karina Morrell

Julie has completed two 30-day challenges and says they have “made her stronger both mentally and physically. Bikram yoga will be a lifelong practice for me. Since I started almost four years ago, it has consistently been a part of my life. I am happy to be a part of Bend’s Bikram Yoga community!”

Julie Widder

I had never tried any kind of yoga. I came to class in baggy cargo shorts and was hooked afterward.” Simultaneously, He enrolled in the Exercise and Sport Science program at COCC and OSU Cascades. The Practice and his education have weaved together in a way he did not foresee. “Simply put, it helps me experience life in a better way.

Seth Burts

I have great health and Bikram yoga is my health care-much more affordable and practical. This yoga has allowed me to HAVE a rest of my life finding stillness and unity within.

Brad Wood

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