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Meet our Wellness Experts!

Bradon Planty – Rolfer

Bradon Planty is an Advanced Structural Integrationist and LMT.
He is a classically trained Rolfer, Massage therapist, and educationist with over 18 years of professional experience.
He has helped thousands of people out of pain and into health.
Bradon’s clients include yogis, athletes and everyone in between.
He practices in Oregon, Hawaii, California, and resides in Bend.



At the Align Body Integrity Center our mission is to empower and equip you with the
tools and knowledge necessary to help your body do what it is designed to do and what it is already doing, which is to regenerate and heal.
We are here to help you live the most DYNAMIC, VIBRANT, AND HEALTHY LIFE POSSIBLE.
We do this so you can have the best and most fulfilling relationships possible…with yourself, your family, and your community.

Dr. Mike Lane – Anatomy Expert!

Dr. Mike Lane’s passion is guiding people into their bodies, so they feel empowered to take care of themselves intelligently and effectively. He is a Chiropractor, Anatomy Teacher and Master Foundation Training Instructor.

Over the last 19 years, Dr. Mike has studied a wide spectrum of healing modalities, including Chiropractic, Zone Therapy, Hendrickson Method of orthopedic manual therapy, Craniosacral, Active Release Technique (ART), Foundation Training (FT), shadow work and Men’s Work. He believes that many of the most common dis-eases stem from the mind distracting you from your body’s innate wisdom.



Linda Dreisbach M.S. Counseling

Linda is the co-owner of Complete Wellness and works as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
Linda’s guiding principles are:
de:quality counseling, psychotherapy, support and education.
Empower: individuals to better navigate the difficulties of life and flourish.
Promote: a person’s holistic wellbeing; mind, body and spirit.
She works with individuals, families, and couples and specializes in treatment of mental health and addiction.

Cascade Massage Therapy

A fascination with human physiology, a compassion for people and dedication to quality service are what make Cascade Massage Therapy so unique. Facilitating an intuitive unique experience resulting in restored balance and wellness throughout your life. Cascade Massage Therapy provides healing using a variety of massage techniques that are designed to promote relaxation, pain relief, injury recovery and stress reduction. Whether you are looking to indulge yourself or satisfy long term wellness, cascade Massage Therapy will do so in a personal and mindful manner.