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Why You Didn't Come Back to Bikram Yoga

By Susie McLagan, Director

I am not promising rainbows & unicorns!
However, your inner happiness spreads like melted butter!

No, this yoga is not for everyone, but if you read any of this you have some interest.

Hot Yoga makes us happy. We spread that happiness and the whole world is happy and then maybe…yes… rainbows and unicorns.

Come back and see what magic you can muster.
Come back and heal.
Come back and reduce stress.
Come back to a kind, fun, sometimes silly community of people!
Come back because you deserve the very best.

Here are the top reasons we hear why people don’t come back to the studio, and our take on debunking these excuses…

1. Bikram Yoga teachers are tough-(or, I don’t want to get yelled at)
2. My Body Hurts/I have Injuries
3. Too Strict!
4. Time.
5. Money.
6. I wanna be outside!
7. I don’t like to sweat/I don’t like the heat.
8. I am too big/I am not flexible.
9. Bikram the Hu-Man.

1. Bikram Yoga Teachers are too tough: (or “I don’t want to be yelled at!”)

No one should be yelling at you, EVER!
I am going to have to say it: You have the best teachers. The teachers at this studio are compassionate along with being very passionate about teaching you. They are dedicated to YOU to bring YOU the best YOU, YOU can be! Anyone working with the human body/mind knows things change in perpetuum, and there is always new information to apply to our practice. We regularly consult each other, further our education, and work to keep up with the constant change of the yoga/health and wellness fields. We are not stuck in ego or afraid to say, “Yes, that is how it was a few years ago, but we learned something more about how to support our bodies better.”
The more we learn about our body and key alignment, the more meditative our yoga practice, and like magic, stress is reduced. We are “tough” because we want to ensure that you find the best of yourselves in every class. That is our job.

2. My body hurts/I have injuries:

Uggg, so does mine. I beat myself up from years of over-training. It may look like this yoga is easy for some, but it isn’t. Ask any teacher and many other practitioners that you think have “perfect” postures or that it looks “so easy” –WRONG! We have all had many, many injuries. We have had to work very hard, and most importantly, we have had to back off and re-learn how to move in alignment with breath and awareness. Maybe you weren’t in the room when for about 19 months I could not kick up in Standing Bow Pulling Pose because my hamstring was torn! Yes, ask us…hips, backs, hamstrings, knees, not to mention our personal lives–stuff happens! No, it isn’t all easy, but we can also attest that our on-going, consistent practice, (in wheel chairs, through pregnancies, and life craziness) created the patience to back off, to do less, and to heal. It is the consistency of this particular practice and the discipline that heals us.

3. It’s too strict:

Yup! This practice is a discipline, and it is that way for a very good reason. As stated above it heals. As stated below it keeps us congruent. If you decide you are leaving early, the brand new student will think it’s okay to do so. If you use a towel to increase your stretch, so will others. Then, we will no longer have the pure practice we strive for. It will be a mish-mash of everyone doing their own thing. It is not our own thing, it is a precise prescription to heal YOU!

Yes, please try to stay for the entire class start to finish. All of the postures work together to ensure maximum benefit for you.

Yes, there is no reason for hand towels, straps or blocks or other props. We learn to use our own body to get to where our body needs to go without extras. Use the extras and you won’t change…ever. Muscling through, over-pulling, and over stretching will bring injury over time. It may feel good at the time but our tendons and ligaments are not designed to go further than their normal range of motion-it’s not worth it.

Yes, please do the Hatha poses we are doing and not your own variation or postures from your other yoga class. We don’t go to other classes and do our own thing. It is like going to play football with a baseball bat, it doesn’t work.

Yes, please put a towel over your mat to catch sweat. Safety first, you will slip as sweat pools and you will splash sweat on others.

4. It takes too much time:

Yea, all together it’s about a 2 hour commitment. If you construct a routine you can get in and out and feel glorious in 2 hours. We spend time driving to the mountain and hiking etc. Getting to class a few times a week isn’t completely impossible. It really is preventative health care, and in the long run, you save time and money and face it, we are less grumpy. Actually, you gain extra energy to do other things when you practice yoga. Money is saved by less time at the doctor. It does help with injury prevention and over all health, like lower blood pressure, reducing body weight, better sleep, less colds and flu, etc. It works!

5. $$$$$$:

If you feel this practice is too much of a strain on your wallet, there are many ways to contribute/trade/work study. TALK TO US! Don’t quit because of finances.

6. I wanna be outside:

I like to be outside. I get out everyday. Be it to shovel snow, run, yard work, a meeting with my hammock. We live in Bend to be outside. I know we need to be outside, I get it. However, serotonin levels get the boost in a 90 minute Hot Yoga class. Honestly, it has helped me train less saving my body from wear and tear without losing strength or stamina. We become more efficient and less tired and increase our health. Which means we get to be outside feeling good — not broken and for many, many, many years! WIN!

7. I don’t like heat/I don’t like to sweat:

Well, that we can’t help you with.
Sweat is good for us.
Sweat is sterile.
Carpets are regularly cleaned.
Com’on, sweat is sexy.

8. I am too big/I am not flexible:

Both of these bring to mind something one of my teachers used to say…
“That is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath!”
This practice is for every BODY. I dare you to practice for 2 months at least 3 times a week and just see what transforms. No one cares what your postures look like or what you look like. If they do that’s their problem. Big, small, flexible not flexible. The only one that matters is YOU!

9. Bikram Choudhury the hu-man:

Bikram Choudhury the man-He took ancient healing postures and developed a set sequence to facilitate on-going, healing benefits, with concise instruction, (our dialog) to get the majority of humans in and out of the postures safely. He is brilliant in many ways yet, the guy is human and he has been accused of misconduct. He made his fortune on his teacher trainings. He did however, produce some very good leaders and teachers.

“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

At the onset of the allegations, Bikram Yoga Bend sat tight but did not send anyone to his trainings. The last trainee from Bend was in 2013 right before the first allegations were public. Bikram Yoga Bend is not nor has ever been franchised.
As the “empire” fell it took some of the purity of the sequence with it.
Still to this day, students seek out real, true Bikram Yoga. I hear all the time from people who just moved here or visiting students, “It is so good to find a REAL, PURE Hot Yoga studio.” Bikram Yoga Bend is The Original Hot and has been since January, 2004.

105FWhere are our teachers trained now?
Your studio has endorsed a Hot Yoga teacher training through 105F based in Chicago.

Our very own Kathy Durham is one of the lead teachers of that program. Currently we have had 4 Bend students attend their trainings and one transplant teacher, Francesca Parnham, (who sadly moved back to Michigan). Three of those 4 teach in other parts of Oregon, Mandy Williams started her own studio bringing Hot yoga to rural Wisconsin.

Original Hot Yoga Association

Bikram Yoga Bend is a member of OHYA, keeping our Hot Yoga community congruent and professional with endorsed teacher trainings.